In an ever-changing and fast paced world - luxury takes time. Therefore products that take time to craft should not be devalued. The hours of physical workmanship, superior raw materials and the years of knowledge involved in creating such pieces is a luxury that we should honor. Each item should be embraced for its history, heritage, the limited distribution and the brand.

It is about appreciation of one of natures magnificent resources. We don´t look for perfection and uniformity of things lacking an identity of their own. Instead we want to celebrate to original and authentic offered by vegetable tanned leather.

We believe, that transparency is the way forward – letting people know what they are buying, where it comes from and who has been involved. 


The Bags

Designed in Denmark and hand-made from superior Argentine leather, Fabros bags are Scandinavian in mind but South American in soul. Hallmarks of generations of craftsmanship, our designs are built to last. From zippers to seams.

We have named our bags after local pioneers. Not models or actors. But teachers, doctors, aviators and mothers. Women who had the power and ambition to do what they believed in. The way we see it, you will never just be sporting a bag. You will be carrying a name, a heritage and a story.



The Making

At Fabros, the making is the product. How we produce the bags is just as important as how they look, feel and smell. To achieve the exclusive and original, we start with the best material. We only use leather made with vegetable tanning.

We work with proud Argentine craftsmen in local, family-owned tanneries and workshops, renowned and respected for their experience and dedication to quality. Only this level of craftsmanship can produce leather that deserves to be truly revered.


The Material 

The leather and the way it is handled renders a wide range of textures and structures. From sturdy strong to buttery soft, from smooth to raw.

The scent of the leather evokes nature's remarkable beauty, and the touch is evidence of its quality. It is leather that truly gains character through use and ages with beauty.



About the Founder 

The founder Jeanette Fabros Knudsen started the company in 2012. With an international business background at hand, she found that there was a demand for high-end products combined with sustainability – but in an honest tone. The reality behind the world leather production is what, amongst others, triggers her, and her personal belief is that it is important to take a stand and to take responsibility without being naive – knowing that it is not possible to be 100% CSR and sustainability oriented. E.g. Fabros use vegetable tanned leather – but the products are flown in from Argentina leaving carbon footsteps instead. So it’s a matter of balance and accepting that there are always consequences no matter how you toss and turn it. The bags are made of vegetable tanned leather and the vision is to build up a brand that is focused on the use of natural resources in the best possible way - hence, Fabros want to create transparency in the production process.

The name Fabros is actually my mothers Filipino birth name. She is a great inspiration to me. She followed her heart and came to Denmark at the age of 21 - in the name of love - to marry a Danish sailor. She has taught me to appreciate the small things in life – and to always be open minded. Ones nationality is not important – whats important is to be happy with your loved ones. The same goes for Fabros – its neither a Danish or Argentine brand – its a World brand appreciating the simple things and way of living
— Jeanette Fabros Knudsen