Our code of conduct

Fabros strives to sustain positive development and work with sustainability in the production process. Sustainability is an economic, social and ethical approach to doing business with the aim to create the best possible conditions for people and the environment . We see sustainability as a responsibility and a natural part of doing business. Through relevant, credible and transparent information on the entire production process, we want to provide a holistic approach towards quality products that are produced under conditions that meet the sustainable development of local communities, including the climate, environment, living conditions and ethical considerations. 

The materials, production and transportation that are involved in the fashion industry all have an impact on the environment. We use vegetable tanned Argentine leather that is tanned by using plant-based extracts such as tree bark, leaves and roots. This kind of tanning does not create the same environmentally hazardous waste as the standard chrome tanning process.  It ensures that there are no heavy metal unleashed into the environment during the tanning process, moreover the color of the leather develops depth and dimension unachievable through industrial chrome processing. We support small family-owned artisan workshops in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Workshops that have passed the skills and techniques for generations within the vegetable tanning process and production. 

For us, its all about changing mindset – today many things are lacking an identity of their own. Its not about quantity, but quality and appreciation of one of natures magnificent resources. We want to educate in not to look for perfection and uniformity, but instead celebrate the original and authentic. We believe, that we can function with fewer things if they are better made. 

Our commitment

Fabros work with some guiding principle:

  1. Always to have a responsible approach towards doing business
  2. Respect the environment and the people behind
  3. Encourage development of sustainable leather production
  4. Always to challenge ourselves to be creative, while allowing ourselves to be different

 “We cannot stop world leather production – but we can take a more responsible approach and change our mindsets on what luxury is…”